How Labor Begins

I came across this fascinating article explains the process in which babies will initiate labor and it all comes down to lung development. "The initiation of term labor is carefully timed to begin only after the embryo is sufficiently mature to survive outside the womb. Previous studies suggested that the signal for labor in humans may arise from the fetus, but the nature of the signal and actual mechanism was unclear. In this study, researchers found that the key labor triggering substance, surfactant, is essential for normal breathing outside the womb. "We found that a protein within lung, surfactant, serves as a hormone of labor that signals to the mother's uterus when the fetal lungs are sufficiently mature to withstand the critical transition from life in fluid to airbreathing," said Mendelson. It also gets into why some mothers might carrier baby past 42 weeks. "Researchers also found that injecting a pregnant mouse with SP-A before day 17 of the pregnancy caused the mouse to deliver early. Injection of pregnant mice with an antibody that blocks SP-A function caused them to deliver late. This would cause us to believe that women who carry babies post 42 weeks (as is common in some family lines) may do so because the necessary SP-A function is happening at later date in gestation (starting at 34 weeks instead of 32 weeks, for example)." So there you have it...babies know when they are ready to be born! For more information or to read the article click here.  

Black and White Baby Portraits

I have really been loving the classic black and white look of newborn and baby portraits. It gives a timeless look to the photo that in some way accentuates the cuteness! This is a portrait of my youngest little guy Arrow. I noticed the other day that I have been a bit lazy snapping photos of him. Life is busy, the days are flying by and I swear as soon as he was born he has been on mission to up grow as FAST as possible. Got teeth early, sat on his own early, says DA DA (thanks Jimmy Fallon. If you haven't seen his book, get it, its adorable.) so the other day we set some time aside and took some photos of just him.  I think I'm going to try do start doing that monthly with both the boys..definitely will be fun to look back at when they are grown and have little ones of their own.2016-06-11_0003  

Storms And Moons

Who knows if it was the storm or the full moon but this little beauty was ready to make her grand entrance! What a story....  


This family...THIS FAMILY! They are just wonderful so honored to have been able to spend so many precious moments with them! Cheers!    

Little L

So excited to share images from the birth of this little guy! It was a powerful day with lots of excitement, smiles and laughter. Congrats S and N you made a beautiful team and an adorable little boy. I look forward to bumping into you and the little one on the bike trails.  

Throw Back Thursday

Well not so far back...but back to the first birth I ever attended as a Doula!! It didn't take long to fall in love with this family and I am so grateful to them for allowing me to be their support as they welcomed their BEAUTIFUL Willow earth-side.  This was a powerful evening that made me very excited about the journey I was beginning.  

Seattle Doula Summer!

Its a beautiful time to be a Seattle Doula! I just attended the most beautiful birth and I will be smiling for days! Love to all on this full moon eve!

What is a doula

"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it" - Dr. John Kennell The term Doula (rhymes with hula) is Greek in orgin and translates to "a woman who serves."  A doula is a experienced trained birth professional who offers continuous physical, emotional and, informational support to mother and family during labor, delivery, and the postpartum period.  Studies have shown that when a doula attends a birth it:
  • Result in shorter labors with fewer complications
  • Lessen the need for medical interventions (forceps, vacuum extraction, pitocin)
  • Lowers the mothers request for pain medication and or epidurals
  • Reduces negative feelings about child birth experience.
  • Has also been shown that parents feel more prepared and secure and adapt better to parenthood
**A few articles on the importance of the doula: 5 Reasons Dads Should Demand A Doula Doulas Aren't Just For Hippie Home Births All about the doula business-By a Seattle doula

Off we go…with a thank you

The website is officially up and running. What a relief!  I never realized how hard it would be to put this together! A big hug and warm thank you to Tom at for all your hard work and patience. You made my scribbles and daydreams into a real work of art. I am impressed and so pleased. I also want to thank my mom for being my inspiration, endless advice and  being the best proof reader, dictionary, and thesaurus! Husband, thank you for answering all my  crazy questions (including: Is it all right with you if  I cook placenta in our kitchen?) with a smile and support! To all my awesome friends, new and old thanks for believing in me and encouraging me. I cant wait to be your doula!! To my sweet little super-moon thank you for being such a good helper but most of all for helping me find my passion you are absolutely adorable and a dream come true! mamamoon_2 and so the adventure begins.....   Birth blessing, Melinda