I have really been loving the classic black and white look of newborn and baby portraits. It gives a timeless look to the photo that in some way accentuates the cuteness! This is a portrait of my youngest little guy Arrow. I noticed the other day that I have been a bit lazy snapping photos of him. Life is busy, the days are flying by and I swear as soon as he was born he has been on mission to up grow as FAST as possible. Got teeth early, sat on his own early, says DA DA (thanks Jimmy Fallon. If you haven't seen his book, get it, its adorable.) so the other day we set some time aside and took some photos of just him.  I think I'm going to try do start doing that monthly with both the boys..definitely will be fun to look back at when they are grown and have little ones of their own.2016-06-11_0003